What students say about eSL

"All in all I have found it a wonderful course, very user friendly and flexible."--Harshi

"The online courses offered by eSL is excellent and the learning environment is easily navigated."--Tejeshwari

"My first course with eSL has been a fantastic experience which facilitates comprehensive and structured learning and development."--Ashish

"I am able to work when it is most feasible, yet maintain an in depth knowledge about the subject at hand."--John

"The quality of online content, assessment, reports and progress track all make learning experience a pleasure. The support from eSL is also exceptional."--Karan

"The online learning environment was so engaging and kept me constantly interested in the subject matter."--Jayanth

"Further, the course site is well designed with many useful functions and information. Also I am impressed by the quality and the depth in course, use of graphic for easy understanding, testing tools and progress track makes it a complete online platform."--Michael

"I love to use my free time for enhancing my knowledge and eSL’s online learning platform helps me in realizing the same."--Matt Anderson

"Quality of online content and 24 hrs availability impressed me most."--Dustin

"This programme allows busy professionals like me the opportunity to learn while continuing their career uninterrupted."--Sriram

"eSL’s online learning is a highly effective way of learning."--Feroz

Parents feedback

"I highly recommend eSL for the progress of your kids, it east to understand and interactive, which is what learning should be."--Venkata Rao

"A fantastic tool to help your child understand the difficult concepts and you will be surprised at the progress"--Dr. Karan

"Thanks to eSL, I have complete control on my child’s education."--Geetha

"For the Parents, eSL has a dashboard panel that you can access your child's progress, it is a great feature to help keep you updated."--Aruna

"What I love is that I am actually able to step away from monitoring and yet I have updates."--Mike

"Oh, my goodness, this is a great platform, an innovative, online learning product."--Audry

"I have found to be very significant and effective medium of learning."--Dr. Rao

"I highly recommended to parents wanting to give boost to their child’s education."--Rajender

Institution testimonials

"It is easy to use and your student loves it and you can achieve outstanding results."--David, Trinity Institute, Inverness

"eSL's online learning is our preferred solution to optimizing learning for our students. Not only does this approach allow our students to learn from home at their own pace, but it also helps us to monitor the progress."--Juan Matoes, Microsoft certification training consultant

"The flexible schedules and learning model, affordable costs and global accessibility make eSL a great asset to our employees."--Gangadhar, Jnana Saraswathi degree college, Nirmal

"eSL's online learning allows our employees to expand their knowledgebase with a high degree of time flexibility."--DNV

"eSL's online courses is interactive, interesting and engaging."--Amaleswara, Harsha college, Machilipatnam

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