Learner Features
Courses can be browsed for the information on the course. Right matching courses can be identified before registration. Course information contains
  • Course objectives
  • Contents
  • Requirements
  • Feedback
You can plan a course that fits your needs and learning preferences. All you have to do is to give a start date, number of hours you can spare per day. Our intelligent system will generate a detailed schedule to fit to your requirement.
  • Number of hours recommended for study
  • Concept, Lesson, Module and Course level exam selections
  • Aimed percentage
  • Alert selection
Concepts are made easy through interactive visualizations that make every concept clear. Our courses are enriched with several multimedia components like text, audio, graphics, and animations to make learning a pleasant experience, easy to understand and remember.
  • Integrated learning environment (Learning Engine)
  • Self intuitive and media rich content pages
  • Resources and wide variety of references
  • Multimedia Integration
eSL not only provides a world class learning platform but also an environment to measure your learning and understanding. Available question formats are multiple choice, Assertion: Reason type, Matching, True or False, Fill up the blank type.
  • Assess through interactive tests
  • Evaluates understanding
  • Complexity level graded tests
  • Automation saves time in assessing tests
Once the concept is understood thoroughly, it is time to practice the same for consolidating the understood concepts and quick reproducibility. eSL has several ways built in to the system to practice the concepts.
  • Practice through study material
  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Exams
It is necessary to take the full length exams before the actual ones. These exams are similar to the actual ones and develop confidence in the learner
  • Test through examinations
  • Real time simulated Exams
  • Question papers can be selected from concept, lesson, module or course level
  • Assignments and projects can be downloaded and filled ones can be uploaded
To move the learned concepts to long term memory in our brain, one needs to review the concepts periodically. To aid this, eSL provides summary sheets, flash cards and other educational tools.
Progress and performance is continuously tracked. Analyzed and updated reports are sent by SMS and/or email.

As you work more and more with the system, the built in algorithms analyze the learner’s study patterns, strong and weak points and alert the learner for timely action through various reports.
Planning and having control over it is every learner’s dream. We at eSL help learners, teachers and parents in fulfilling this dream by providing alerts through SMS to abreast you on learner’s development and activity.

Learners get SMS on the time spent on learning, date and time scheduled for learning, for taking test, test scores, comprehensive report on performance, report on weak areas, corrective action and reminders for skipping the schedule.
Learners are analyzed using most advanced tools for their capability, performance and progress.
Weak concepts are identified, reasons analyzed and remedial programs recommended.
  • Provides continuous feedback
  • Early detections leads to early corrections
  • Counseling for seamless improvement
Research shows that student understanding and retention improves when they learn by experience. Technologies such as collaboration, interactivity and modeling will help students experience the skill while being taught.
  • Share knowledge and clear concepts
  • Chat and forums for peer networking
Learners get help throughout their learning process with eSL. eSL makes knowledge seeker’s learning experience, a pleasant journey and a fun activity by providing help in all possible ways.
  • Online help documents
  • Demos
  • Ask the expert
  • Scheduled classes (For week concepts)
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