Parent Features
eSL learning platform provide tools to track, acknowledge progress and suggest how to enhance the learning ability.
  • Progress and performance are continuously monitored
  • Regularly updated to the students and parents through emails and SMSs
  • Alerts are sent whenever action needed
  • Enables in advance and corrects in time
By making effective decisions, eSL provides learning analysis reports based on the built-in data and makes it easy for the parent.
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Reasons for weaknesses
  • Psychometric analysis
  • Learning style analysis
  • Capability analysis
Lesson plans are created by the course coordinator and can be used by parents and individuals as a guide to teach the lesson.
Also there are activity plans prepared by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to support learners learning activity and to enhance his practical understanding of the concept.
  • Clear instructions on what to do
  • Supporting material lists and references
Learners are analyzed using most advanced tools for their capability, performance and progress.
Weak concepts are identified, reasons analyzed and remedial programs recommended.
  • Provides continuous feedback
  • Early detections leads to early corrections
  • Consultation for seamless improvement of your child
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