Institutions and Teacher Features
Concept as a basic learning unit has Subject⇒Topic⇒Concept structure. Subject matter experts (SMEs) prepare concepts which can be reused across courses.
  • Concept pages can be designed quickly using page designer
  • Concepts are attached with questions and resources
  • Authoring made easy with reusable concepts
  • Reduces course conversion costs
Content Authoring
Courses are structured as Course⇒Module⇒Lesson and mapped to concepts by the course coordinator (CC). It is required only to map the course structure to the existing concept developed by SME to develop a new course.
  • New course development in no time
  • Mapping a concept brings all the resources and questions along with it
  • Export/Import of courses for easy maintenance
  • Automated course info
Course Management
Test Management
Questions can be entered and attached to the concepts by the SME. Various types of question formats are possible. Available formats are multiple choice, Assertion: Reason type, Matching, True or False, Fill up the blank type.
  • Every question tagged with complexity level
  • Complexity level graded questing is possible
  • Questions are attributed to support student analytics
  • Real time and full length exams can be developed
Institute administrator will create classes and assigns students and faculty to track class progress and performance.
  • Administration at class level
  • Compare individual and class performances
  • Enters internals and other class data
  • Regression analysis
  • Class room reports
Class Management
Content Review
SME created concepts are reviewed by the reviewer as part of workflow before it is published.
  • Checks the correctness and validity of the content
  • Workflow controls the publishing of the course
  • Search for SME content
  • Status reports
Lesson plans: Created by the course coordinator and can be used by faculty, parents and individuals as a guide to teach the lesson.
Activity plans: This is prepared by SME to support learners learning activity and to enhance his practical understanding of the concept.
  • Can be included in CCs lesson plan
  • Can be reused
  • Selection by search words
Analytics and Business Intelligence: Analysis is made on various institute modules like concept development, course development and class room management based on data built up to support decisions to take.
  • Analytics for strategy buildup
  • Policy makeup
  • Progress and performance updates
  • Class room analytics
Domain related articles for SMEs, Course coordinators and teachers can be managed to develop staff quality improvement programs.
  • Domain related tips and techniques on dashboard
  • RSS feeds to keep up to date knowledge
  • Publishing your own articles
Dashboard is the home page for any user to have a look at the status of their latest activities and quick reference links to review, learn and communicate.
  • Handy information at one place
  • Quick summary
  • Quick launch to applications
  • Supports decision making
Extendability is a powerful feature to instintutions to expand their knowledge boundaries.
  • Share courses across institutions
  • Share reusable concepts
  • Secured connections
  • No limits to the knowledge
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